KORE Performance System

The KORE Performance System, designed for the Fitness Training industry, integrates historic skills and modern methods from both Eastern and Western expertise to bring you the fastest and most prove-able system of instant muscle enhancement for you and your clients.

Ideal for Coaches, Personal Trainers, Instructors and anyone with an eye on performance, who wants to take their knowledge and expertise to a whole new level.

Let your clients be your testimonials – as their training reaches new heights!

The four courses in the KORE Performance System cover the stimulation of the four pillars of modern sporting success: Energy – Blood – Nerves – Focus.

You will learn:

  • How to use KORE’s unique functional tests to diagnose deeply-rooted restrictions that are affecting performance and holding your clients back.
  • And much more.

For every sports and fitness professional or enthusiast to focus and achieve anywhere close to their best, it is crucial the neck, spine and pelvis are working correctly.

If any one of these three foundation blocks is functioning at less than 100% performance could be affected.

This 4-day, intensive and exciting course gives you the basic tools to diagnose and release these major functioning areas.

You will learn:

  • How to test the spine and pelvis for full functional movement and power
  • How neck injuries can undermine core muscle strength and how to correct them
  • The correction techniques to reset the full neurological system for muscle and ligament enhancement
  • Plus much more!

This 2-day Intensive course will add to the knowledge you gained on the Basic training.

You will learn:

  • How to challenge physical restrictions that could be affecting your client’s hormone balance
  • How to undertake muscle-firing sequences
  • How to check for cranial equilibrium and a range of other functional imbalances.
  • How to carry out advanced weight-bearing and individual sports challenges, combined with correlation testing, to find the origin of the fault not just the symptoms of pain

This 2-day course is a great way to boost your earning power and add further skills to your health and fitness business.

Unbalanced or off-kilter muscle function can cause poor blood and nerve flow, in turn damaging performance.

You will learn:

  • How to integrate muscle testing into standard functional movements
  • How to evaluate weakened movement patterns
  • How to identify restricted muscle function due to poor blood and nerve flow.
  • How to confirm movement deficiencies by checking at a KORE Performance Station
  • How to isolate and clear the root of dysfunction leading to instant power increases and enhanced performance levels.

We all know stretching is important – but do we really know how important it is?

This 2-day course uses the ancient Oriental secrets of performance enhancement to delve into the science of stretching.

You will learn:

  • How to create a stretch routine unique to your client
  • How stretching focuses the acupuncture meridian system to increase blood and Qi flow.
  • How to activate the internal organs to work at their most efficient to increase oxygen and nutritional uptake.
  • How to design stretches that will release joint pressure and increase muscle power.