Kore for My Business

Can you imagine the impact to your business by screening each new member when they join – before they enter a class or the gym?

This would be a Musculo-skeletal screening that looks for weaknesses and underlying injuries – the main cause of poor performance, weight gain and fatigue.

The purpose is to dramatically enhance their success in reaching their goals and lead you to higher revenue streams through repeat bookings and recommendations.

One simple screening often leads to five one-hour chargeable KORE sessions!

This will give you a unique advantage over the opposition and show your professionalism in the care and attention of your members.


Is your health and fitness business offering the best possible service to members and potential clients?

If you are not offering KORE, then the answer is No.

Internationally-recognised as revolutionising the world of health and fitness, KORE is respected and trusted for its ability to improve performance, reduce injury and intensify fitness training.

If you don’t offer it, someone else will!

Investing in training your staff with KORE will mean you can offer:

  • Screening service for clients before they even reach the gym
  • The powerful KORE system to tackle pain, weakness and injury
  • Highly-trained staff able to guide, advise and target specific complaints – no general handiwork here!
  • Clients with such improved performance and workout results they will want to tell everyone about them!
  • A key USP setting you apart from the competition.

What are you waiting for?

Let your business stand out from the crowd!

Employing KORE-trained staff providing our balancing and screening services will:

  • Protect your clients
  • Improve their performance
  • Help prevent injury or help them recover more quickly from injury
  • Catapult your business into the lucrative ‘specialist’ genre.

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