German fitness chain Amiga takes KORE training licence

German fitness chain Amiga takes KORE training licence

amigaFrankfurt-based ladies gym chain Amiga has equipped its Personal Trainers with KORE skills to help attract new members, increase revenue and enable existing members achieve more while reducing injuries.

KORE founder Dr John Brazier managed the training in KORE’s Musculo-skeletal screening. Now educated in this unique system, Amiga’s staff are able to evaluate clients before introducing them to the gym.

This provides two main benefits. Firstly by enabling them to spot old injuries that could flare up, staff are able to engineer the workout, and secondly using KORE’s ability to instantly improve muscle power clients regularly gain more from their exercise session.

Client outcomes are expected to continue to improve with greater weight loss, improved stamina and consistently higher achievements.

Comments from the course from Amiga’s personal trainers included “This was absolutely fantastic and the best course we have done” and “I can’t wait to do more, when are you coming back?”

Dr Brazier will return later this year to provide more training for the trainers. And in a happy twist, he will also provide KORE treatments.

One staff member who had struggled with infertility for over two years became pregnant shortly after the training course and a treatment from John. Now her colleagues and clients are queueing up to receive this fantastic, successful and non-invasive fertility treatment!

KORE is in demand and producing results!

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