kore1Totally unique, KORE utilises functional muscle testing to prove poor sporting and immune system performance. Then integrates Eastern & Western release techniques to give instantaneous power and functional performance increase.

This means your PT’s and other instructors can have a dramatic and instant effect on clients’ speed, flexibility and stamina to quickly achieve their goals.

Used by British armed forces, police, Olympic athletes, European golf tours, professional football teams, and many other organisations.

KORE will

  • Enhance your client’s ability to achieve their goals
  • Ensure reduced trauma & membership fallout
  • Secure new revenue streams for your business
  • Introduce a strong family wellness aspect to your business
  • Create a centre of performance excellence at your locations

TRISH JOHNSON – 23 times European & USA Golf Champion

Absolutely amazing treatment which saved my career! The best sports diagnosis and treatment I have ever come across. Severe elbow pain which 10 cortisone injections didn’t fix, it took KORE just two treatments to get me playing again!

Give your health & fitness business a unique edge over the competition by offering this extra value! The power of KORE is already proven recognised by leading sports professionals around the world.

Train yourself, train your staff and KORE will show you the immediate results in your business.

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